Privacy Policy

It is very understandable for our customers to be concerned with their privacy when making transactions, whether by call or via the Internet. We have created this Privacy Policy in order to address these concerns and assure our customers that we will never do anything that will compromise their privacy and security under any circumstances.

We ask for certain information to all of our customers in order for us to know more about who our customers are, which location we must go to when they ask for our services, and as a way for us to reach out much easier to them. We simply ask for our customers’ names, contact number and their address.

We are aware that these information might seem simple and yet are quite sensitive. If they fall into the wrong hands then they might cause no end of trouble for you, which is why we make sure that we will never share them to any unauthorized person. We won’t sell or rent them out to any person, group or third party organization. They will not even be used without your prior consent.

Please take note that this policy can be subjected to changes at any given time as long as it is deemed necessary. We will let you know once these changes are made so that you may take some appropriate additional steps if you have to.